interior and retail design


We create interiors that sell your business, not our design

We believe in your image

In today’s business world, image is everything…

And corporate identity and image is fast becoming an essential part of any business. No longer is this just true of high class retail premises or flagship multi-national company offices, but for every aspect of business life.

Every bank, solicitor, estate agent, insurance office and retail outlet ignores the matter of image at their peril.

Atlas Display has the skills and quality of service to meet all your needs, with wide and varied shop fitting experience, interior and retail design ability,

renovation and refurbishment skills and a passion for creating unique environments every time.

Design and build, much more than shopfitters…

Atlas Display is a modern company that has developed with the market, major changes in technology and resources to achieve excellent results, but maintaining an individual service to our customers every time.

As an established innovative business design company, Atlas Display recognise the needs and requirements of all their clients and transform them into reality, offering competitive prices and outstanding quality.